baby Wiggy @ 7 weeks baby Wiggy @ 8 weeks baby Wiggy @ 10 weeks baby Wiggy @ 11 weeks baby Wiggy @ 12 weeks baby Wiggy @ 12.5 weeks baby Wiggy @ 13 weeks
Name: Wigglepants Freakybig
Breed: Rat Terrier (Miniature, female)
Born: February 5th, 2005
Estimated adult weight: 8-10 pounds

Usually called: Wiggy or Wigglepants
Ridiculous nicknames: Little Thing, Littlepants, Freaky-cute, Fruitbat, and most embarrassingly, Babycakes, Goo-Goo, and Googleypants.

Favorite things: People, kitties, food, sunshine, beds, exploring
Best people friends: Christine and Justin
Best animal friends: Pesmerga and Mokey Mousebane (kitties)
Favorite games: Tug, fetch, kitty-wrestling, leaf-shredding, gnawing on forbidden objects, gnawing on toys
Tricks: Sit, Down, Fetch, Catch

Wiggy @ 14.5 weeks

Favorite sites:
R.T. Social Group of Sacramento
Ratbone Rescues
American Rat Terrier Association
American Hairless Terrier Club

baby Wiggy @ 13.5 weeks Wiggy's growth from 7 to 14 weeks baby Wiggy @ 14.5 weeks