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A few quick picks this week:
Unofficial Global Internet Bread Recipe Archive Or BREAD NET. Yay, baking!
ATHF Stip Poker Aqua Teen Hunger Force: More of Carl than you ever wanted to see.
Viral Videos Video clips with an emphasis on making fun of the president.
Environmentally Friendly Cleaning Tips and here are some more.

Comics I read:
Men In Hats | Scary Go Round M-F | Penny Arcade MWF | Fire Always Makes It Better | Crossroads | Get Your War On | Bob The Angry Flower F | Diesel Sweeties M-F | Daily Dinosaur Comics daily | White Ninja Comics TS | Boy On A Stick And Slither MF | Something Positive daily | The Boondocks daily | Goats M-Th | Mac Hall | Player Vs. Player daily | Lucas and Odessa T | The K Chronicles M | The Onion W | Strong Bad Emails